Involvement Calculator


As a student at the University of California Riverside, you may be wondering what experiences you can partake in and what sort of opportunities might await you here.

With that in mind, we've created something called the Involvement Calculator, which is a place you can list things you're interested in and we can create a report based on those things and what sort of opportunities exist at UCR that might match up with those interests.

You will receive an email with your results, as well as instructions for how to meet with one of our Student Organization Advisors for an in-person consultation to talk about your results (if you want).
Please list your UCR NetID (ex. abcde001) that is also your UCR email address.
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We have organizations that might focus on a certain gender identity or be specifically for certain genders. To help us suggest (or not suggest) these groups, knowing your preferred gender identity would be helpful, though isn't required.