Parent Organization: University of California-Riverside

The purpose of this one of a kind organization - a think tank - shall be the exploration of theoretical as well as practical possibilities of living in a world without money (cash, credit, loans, banks, financial institutions, etc.) in the global community as global citizens in the 21st Century and beyond.                                                                                                                   Given the basic concept of "no wages, no salaries, no income for no prices, no taxes, no spending", or "no revenue for no expenditures", in other words "no profit for no loss", we just have to fine-tune the concept. The key is finding and keeping the balance between supply and demand.                                                                                                         Countless problems should be addressed, such as : "performing jobs based on qualifications and experience as community service", "higher education priviliges", "distribution of goods and services", "housing", "laziness", just to name a few.                                                      Expected benefits and positive outcomes: significant reduction (in the short-term), or elimination (in the long-term) of hunger, homelessness, crime, corruption, greed, etc.           Essentially eliminating the distinction and the difference between rich and poor, ultimately rendering these words meaningless.                                                                                   This enormous task is a monumental undertaking - requires a higher level of human conciousness - , but it is possible. Hence the need for a "WORLD WITHOUT MONEY" !!!                                                                                                            

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Friday 2PM-3PM

Address 900 University Avenue
HUB 229
Riverside, CA 92507
Phone Number P:(323) 810-4088