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What is Anthropology at UCR?

"UCR Anthropology is committed to a socially engaged, critical anthropology...with a finely tuned sense of historical temporality that views change as normal as reproduction...The faculty and students are committed to an integrated and integrating concept of the discipline. They view the traditional subfields -applied, archaeological, sociocultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology- as cross cut by foci that bring faculty and students together in ways that reinforce the unity of the discipline rather than its divisions."

What is SAGA? 

SAGA is the graduate student arm of the Anthropology Department at UCR. The mission of SAGA is first and foremost to foster a sense of community among our anthropological scholars. 

We do so in a number of ways: 

1. We facilitate communication between graduate students and faculty members 

2. We collect and disseminate vital educational and funding information 


3. We increase the public's awareness of the department and of anthropology in general

Most of all we are here to provide social, professional, and economic support to our graduate students through resources linked to our page and through various events organized throughout the year.

Stay tuned for a calendar listing upcoming workshops, brown bag lunches, as well as the date and theme for what will be the 37th Annual James Young Colloquium.

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