First General Meeting!

Psi Chi will be having their first general meeting on Wednesday, October 12 from 7 - 8 PM at INTS 1125. This will primarily be an informational meeting about Psi Chi, the board, and overall experience. There will also be food provided.

Just an image displaying the meeting details (when and where) in a Fall season theme.

Hello Psi Chi!

We are finally announcing our first general meeting of the Fall quarter/2016-17 school year! It will be taking place on Wednesday, October 12 from 7 - 8 PM at INTS 1125. 

At the meeting, we will be talking about Psi Chi in general and answering any remaining questions you may have. We will also be providing food. 

Come on out and get to know Psi Chi, the board members, and your fellow members.

We wish you all the best and are very excited to meet with you all soon!

Stay tuned, Psi Chi!


Posted by Debora Handojo on October 6, 2016