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28ers: Getting Money Out of Politics (28ers)

This organization supports the passage of a 28th Constitutional Amendment to curb the effects of money on the republic. The 28ers intend to raise political awareness in the minds of college students and expand their understanding of the effects of money.

4Corners Christian Fellowship (4Corners)

4Corners is a Christian fellowship that provides international students the opportunity to learn about Christianity through Bible studies and to participate in activities.

7Elements Chapter at UCR

7Elements introduces people from the developed world to human security issues by traveling abroad and doing community service in impoverished communities.

900 Magnolia Mentor Association

900 Magnolia Mentor Assoc. about giving back to the community by guiding high school students to accomplish their goals of pursuing higher education. Their future is our future. Lets make a difference. Like us on Facebook to take a look at

909 Hip Hop Dance Troupe (909)

To better the awareness and development of hip-hop dance through educational and social means, with the cooperation of administration, faculty and students.

A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management Student Association (AGSMSA)

The AGSM student association aims to enhance the graduate experience and lay a foundation for growth by supporting a network of students, faculty, staff, alumni and the UCR community.

Abyssinian Student Union (ASU)

Abyssinian Student Union is established to provide, teach, and share our culture of Eritrea and Ethiopia with UCR students and faculty. Unity is our passion and to unite Habesha students and faculty at UCR is what we strive for.

Accounting Society at UC Riverside

To enhance the education and experience of accounting students at UCR, and work with the local and business community. Facebook Us:

ACM Student Chapter at UCR (ACM at UCR)

The Association of Computing Machinery Student Chapter at the University of California, Riverside.

Active Minds

Reduce the stigma that often surrounds mental health issues on college campuses by increasing awareness, coordinating interactive events, and providing mental health and wellness resources and support.

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